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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update Release Date & More Details

With the PUBG MOBILE 3.2 update coming soon, players are excited about its new features and theme mode. Many of them explore the 3.2 beta version and recently PUBG released the final and 3rd beta update. After this announcement, players got excited to play version 3.2 and mecha transformer theme mode. Through PUBG Officials, PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update Release Date is confirmed that will be available from May 14, 2024.

Further details regarding PUBG version 3.2 release date are provided in the below section.

Disclaimer: Indian Users must not download PUBG Mobile on their devices, Krafton made a special version (BGMI) for Indian users. Download BGMI from the Play Store to play this game.

PUBG 3.2 Update Official Release Date Announced

Through new posts on social media handles, the official release date of PUBG version 3.2 is announced by PUBG officials. According to a recent post, the upcoming 3.2 update will start rolling out on May 14, 2024. Like always this update will not be available for all devices at once. You might see some delays in the Play Store due to different regions. There is plenty of new content added in this update which players can enjoy with new features.

PUBG MOBILE 3.2 Update Features

image showing PUBG 3.2 update features, and leakes
some new features from the 3.2 update (via Krafton)

With the 3.2 update beta version, gamers will find plenty of new content which will be available in the upcoming official update. These are some new features that are added in this update.

  • New Theme Mode (featuring Mecha Fusion, Recall Flare Gun, and Jetpack)
  • Magnet Gun in AirDrop
  • Self Rescue Feature
  • New Upgraded Guns (P90 & M416)

Detailed patch notes consisting of all features will be available in the coming days on the official website.



  1. Now PUBG is going down because 70% of the user are 40fps player after 120fps update about 40% player will leave including me .Now it’s batter to play freefire than pubg bcz PUBG is no more realistic now adding magnet gun that’s really unrealistic.

  2. 5 years ago when i was a kid i had a mobile that supports 60 fps that i got from my job , now i have iphone 15 pro , do you expect the world to stop upgrading technology just because you don’t or can’t have a phone that supports 60fps !

  3. people who are crying against 120fps should upgrade their devices rather then complaining. The game is made for better experience for better devices and not to equal out the competition. if thats the case then 30 fps device user will demand equality against your 40fps and 40 fps against 60fps to 90fps. Its you who need upgradation instead of game degradation. Stop this nonsensical arguments and upgrade your device with 120hz display support since, there are plenty of reasonable price phones available in marked

  4. Pubg mobile anounce new update coming with 120 fps support .game loss I thought becose many user low aand device use and face some issues. pubg team removed this further and coming after becoz game loss popularity and may play obstacles and leave game. Game was may user loss now and create hack we request to pubg team don’t loss again

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