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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update | Release Date, Mecha Transformer Mode & More

After a thrilling update of 3.1, PUBG is ready to reveal its upcoming version 3.2 with enhanced graphics and new challenges. In its first beta update, 3.2 PUBG revealed a new Mecha Fusion theme mode with flying jet and recall gun-like stunning features. Further, PUBG upgrades its Antiban system to stop cheaters from changing client files. So this will be a major update that will come with improvements and graphics enhancement. This update will start releasing from 12 May 2024 and BGMI will be released in the last week of May.

PUBG 3.2 Update New Update: Mecha Fusion

According to Indian YouTuber Natural YT, PUBG has added Mecha Fusion as a theme mode and added Magnet Gun, Recall flare, Jetpack, robot arms, and Robot Vehicles in it. You will experience a new level of PUBG with this premium update that will entertain you for 2 months from May to July. In the new theme mode, big transformer robots can destroy any vehicle through ballistic missiles. Further, it has a strong magnetic power that can hold any item or player in the air.

Magnet Gun in Aridrop

PUBG added a new powerful gun called Magnet Gun. You will get this from Air Drops and it can lift any item like Air Drop, vehicles, or enemies and throw them far away. You will be entertained with new types of funny content with this gun of YouTube.

Recall Flare Gun

You will get a Recall flag gun Randomly from the map and it will used to recall your teammate. Just fire this flare gun towards the sky and your teammate will be recalled. Use this anywhere on the map to get back your teammates.


This was the most awaited feature that players were expecting from this update. You can self-revive yourself without any teammates. Just pick up a Personal AED self-rescue kit from the map and use it from your backpack when you get knocked.


Just like San Andreas, Pubg added a jetpack in Erangle and livik theme mode. You can only pick it once in a match and fly anywhere on the big map. It will be beneficial for rushing players and they will enjoy it.

120 FPS Graphics

To improve the gaming experience and enhance the smoothness of the game, PUBG officially announced that they are going to add 120 FPS in version 3.2. Further, they said: If your device did not support FPS above 90 you cannot experience it. It is not yet confirmed whether the iPhone 15 supports 90FPS or not but Gaming PCs can run it smoothly.

Antiban 3.2

Due to the cheater’s community unofficially modifying their game files, PUBG introduced its Anticheat system 3.2. Players that have Jailbreak devices cannot enter in game. Furthermore, it requires IOS version 10 or the latest below this version you cannot play this update. Those players who have modified iPhones 14 or 15 also cannot play this game further.

New Upgradeable Gun Skins

PUBG added a new gun skin of P90 that was introduced in update 3.1. A new m416 with level 8 is also coming in the next update.

P90 Skin

P90 gained popularity from players and in addition, PUBG designed its new powerful skin with upgraded abilities.

Upgraded M416

M416 is the most popular gun in this game and PUBG added its unique upgraded skin that can be upgraded to level 8.

PUBG developers wanted to improve their user experience that’s why on public demand they added a self-rescue feature. This update will start rolling out from 12 May 2024 while BGMI will be available from the last week of May. You can experience these features early through the beta version. This major update will come with 120FPS, Anti-cheat 3.2, Jetpack, and Mecha theme in Livik and Erangle map. Stay tuned to get more exciting features, events, and information about the Release date early.


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