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PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update | Atlantis Theme Mode & Erangle 3.0

After a thrilling update of 3.2, PUBG is ready to reveal its upcoming version 3.3 with Erangle 3.0 and new features. In its first beta update 3.3, PUBG revealed a new Atlantis World theme mode with Stingray Fish and Erangle 3.0. Further, PUBG added new loot locations and hidden caves to entertain users. So this will be a major update that will come with improvements and graphics enhancement. This update will start releasing from 12 July 2024 and BGMI will be released in the last week of July.

PUBG 3.3 Update New Update: Atlantis World

According to Indian YouTuber Lion x Gaming, PUBG has added Atlantis Iceland as a theme mode and Stingray Fish and Erangle 3.0. You will experience a new level of PUBG with this premium update that will entertain you for 2 months from July to September. In the new theme mode, Stingray Fish will be used as a flying vehicle that can fly in the air like a carpet.

New Hot Drops

Atlantis World theme mode will consist of 3-4 small hot drops full of level 3 loot and a hidden cave. When you come to these locations, you will see there are small poles fixed on the pay side. We have to activate these poles to go inside the hidden cave. Once activated, you can go inside the hidden underwater cave. Just jump inside it and you will reach the cave. After that activate small sticks to open the door. There will be good stuff inside and an exit gate. If you go through the exit game, you will land in a circle.

Water Warehouse

There are two to three Warehouses covered with water. If you go closer, you will see an option to remove the water. If you go inside, you can swim but remember you cannot fire.

New Erangle 3.0

On user demand, PUBG has added some features from PUBG PC. They change the look of Stalber and Mylta. Now you will see more loot in these areas and new houses are added in it.

New Stalber

PUBG removed old buildings from Stalber and has added new Science Labs with a telescope that looks like a space station. As compared to the old location, this has more loot and now it is a perfect hot-drop for rushing players. This change is permanent means it is not limited to the 3.3 update but I will remain the same for other updates.

Updated Mylta

PUBG has added a lot of new houses, warehouses, and Squad houses in this update of Mylta. Now it looks like a Pochinki and this might be one of the upcoming hot drops for old players. On the right side, you will see two different Warehouses and on the left side, you will see a new Squad house. Further, PUBG developers have removed the black carpet Road from the center. You can experience new changes and features from PUBG Beta 3.3 update.

PUBG developers wanted to improve their user experience that’s why on public demand they introduced Erangle 3.0. This update will start rolling out from 12 July 2024 while BGMI will be available from the last week of July. You can experience these features early through the beta version. This major update will come with 120FPS support with Atlantis theme in Livik and Erangle map. Stay tuned to get more exciting features, events, and information about the Release date early.



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