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Xiaomi MobilesXiaomi Mobiles Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi is known for delivering impressive specs at competitive prices across a wide range of models in Pakistan.

Budget-Friendly Options: The Redmi Series

  • Entry-level choices: Expect to find basic Redmi models starting as low as PKR 19,999, offering solid everyday performance.

Mid-Range Champions: The Redmi Note Series

  • Best bang for your buck: The Redmi Note series provides a great balance of power and features within the PKR 25,000 to PKR 40,000 range. Expect capable processors, good cameras, and generous RAM.

Xiaomi’s Flagship Contenders: The Xiaomi Series & Poco X Series

  • Premium performance: For cutting-edge specs, look for the Xiaomi 1 series and Poco X series. These high-end phones can range between PKR 169,999 to PKR 339,999.

What Impacts Xiaomi Phone Prices?

  • Model Choice: Naturally, flagship models will carry a premium.
  • Storage Size: More storage means a slightly higher price tag.
  • Where You Buy: Small price differences might exist between authorized retailers.

Where to Find Accurate Xiaomi Prices

  • Official Xiaomi Pakistan: Visit for their latest pricing.
  • Price Comparisons: Use comparison websites to quickly find the best deals across various Pakistani retailers.