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In which field should Pakistani students build their careers?

In today’s era, in which field should Pakistani students build their careers? Which field has the highest demand these days? The answer: Before enrolling in college or university, make sure to seek career counseling, or else you’ll waste both time and money without any outcome. In Pakistan, health-related fields are the best. Whether it’s becoming a doctor, dentist, surgeon, cardiovascular technologist, or nurse, all these professions are considered the best in Pakistan and have the highest demand worldwide.

After that, engineering comes into play. Learn robotic engineering, become a mechanical engineer. Software engineering is the best. The future belongs to artificial intelligence, so any degree related to information technology is the best, especially a degree related to artificial intelligence. Electronic engineering is also excellent. These degrees will help you get jobs outside Pakistan because they are all technical professional education in demand worldwide.

The demand for these degrees in Pakistan depends on Pakistan’s economy. If Pakistan’s economy remains the same without any change, then the demand for any degree won’t be high. But if there is investment, factories are established, new businesses open, research centers are built, and all kinds of manufacturing take place, then the demand for every degree mentioned above will increase.

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The future belongs to artificial intelligence, robotics, science, and technology. It’s the era of blockchain technology. Get a degree in blockchain technology. This degree will help you get a job anywhere in the world. In the next five to ten years, the value of these degrees will increase significantly. Stay away from degrees like international relations, political science, MA Arabic, MA Islamic studies, MA Persian, Mass Communication, and similar degrees. In the next five to ten years, Saudi Arabia will need millions of engineers, IT professionals, and medical professionals, which can benefit you greatly.

Degrees in aviation technology and solar technology will also be the best for the future. The use of electronics will increase significantly in the future, so a degree in electronic engineering will be very beneficial, along with the increasing use of renewable energy, making a degree in renewable energy technology very useful.

Genetic engineering is an excellent subject. It will bring a revolution in the future, so the demand for a degree in genetic engineering will increase significantly. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time, money, and future. Pakistani students need to learn English, so MA English is the best subject. Seek career counseling before admission.


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