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Wheat Procurement Campaign 2024-25 Launches in Lahore: Farmers Can Apply Through Bardana App

In Lahore wheat Procurement Campaign 2024-25 Begins

Farmers can submit requests for wheat procurement through the Bardana app from Saturday, April 13th, spokesperson.

Requests can be submitted on the Bardana app from 8:55 am on April 13th, spokesperson.

Requests for wheat procurement will be received on the Bardana app from April 13th to 17th, PIO

After verification by PITB and Punjab Land Record Authority, farmers will receive confirmation messages, spokesperson

Farmers will receive messages through the Bardana app regarding procurement procedures and wheat collection dates, spokesperson

Procurement will commence from April 19th, 2024, Food Department spokesperson

First come, first served basis will be followed for wheat distribution, Food Department spokesperson

Wheat procurement will begin on Monday, April 22nd, Food Department spokesperson

All arrangements for wheat procurement at the district level are complete, spokesperson

Food Department has established 393 wheat procurement centers across the province, spokesperson

Wheat will be purchased from farmers at the fixed price of Rs. 3900 per 40 kilograms, Food Department spokesperson

In addition to the wheat price, every farmer will be charged Rs. 30 per 100 kilograms as delivery charges

Eligibility for wheat procurement has been set up to 6 acres for small farmers, Food Department

Flour mills, private sector, and seed companies are also allowed to purchase at the fixed rates as per policy

A control room has been set up to address complaints during the wheat procurement campaign, Food Department spokesperson

For any complaints related to the wheat procurement campaign, please inform on toll-free number 080013505, spokesperson


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