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Jazz Balance Save Code 2024 | Jazz Balance Saver Code | Charges & Details

Jazz is a leading Pakistani network provider company with over 71 million customers offering different services and products such as 4G devices, mobiles, and packages. If you are a Jazz user and your mobile balance is continuously deducted without any reason! Don’t worry, recently Pakistan’s No.1 telecom Network Jazz introduced the Jazz Balance Save Code 2024 to stop these unknown deductions and to safeguard your balance. In this comprehensive guide, I will give you a step-by-step guide to activate this code how this service works, and what are benefits of using this service are.

What is Jazz Balance Save Code 2024?

Balance Save Code Jazz is a USSD command that is used to secure you mobile credits in Jazz sim. The Balance Save Code Jazz is *275# and to unsubscribe from balance saving service dial *275*4#. There are no hidden charges for this service and it will be automatically resubscribed after 30 days.

How can i Save Jazz Balance Using Jazz Balance Saver code?

There are three possible ways to save Jazz balance. First method is by using USSD code, second one is using Doosra balance service and last option is by contacting customer care center. Jazz balance save krne ka tareeka bohut simple ha, sirf ye steps follow kren aur apna balance save krein.

Method 1: Dialing USSD Code *275#

Jazz always works for customer satisfaction, and he tries to resolve customer’s issues ASAP that’s why he addresses the common issue of balance deductions. By activating the Jazz balance save code *275#, users can secure their mobile balance even when they do not have an active internet package. Here is how to subscribe it:

  1. Dial USSD code

    Open your mobile dial-pad and dial *275# in your phone mobile dialapd dialling code to save jazz balance

  2. Message Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation popup message showing Jazz Balance Saver has successfully subscribed. confirmation message from jazz showing that balance saver offer is activated

  3. Service Fee

    This service has no cost and it will be automatically resubscribed every month. image of jazz balance saver code with kazz logo showing its price is Rs. 0

  4. Unsubscribe (optional)

    To unsubscribe from the balance saver, dial *275*4#. image of popup message to unsubscribe service

Method 2: Doosra Balance Service (*869#)

The second method to secure your balance is using the Doosra balance service, also known as secret Balance Service which you have to subscribe to it and then add your credits to this account. But this service has charges of Rs. 3.69 + tax. Here is how to subscribe it:

  1. Dial *869#: Open your mobile dial-pad and dial *869#
  2. Confirmation Message: A confirmation popup message will appear on your screen
  3. Balance Transfer: Now dial *869*1# to add balance and *869*2# to withdraw balance.
  4. Unsubscribe (optional): To unsubscribe from this service, dial *869*3#, but the service charges of Rs. 3.69 + tax are applicable.

How to use Doosra Balance Service:

  1. Dial *869# on your mobile phone
  2. Three options will appear, choose option 1 to add your balance to your Doosra balance
  3. Choose option 2 to withdraw your balance from doosra balance
  4. Choose option 3 to unsubscribe from the offer (service charges of Rs. 3.69 + tax are applicable).

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Method 3: Contact Customer Care Center

Suppose your mobile credit is deducted automatically without any package. In that case, you can contact the Jazz customer care center and ask them to deactivate all the subscriptions and services that are automatically subscribed from third-party websites. Here is how to do it:

  1. Dial Jazz helpline 111 on your phone or e-mail them at
  2. Ask them to deactivate all jazz services and subscriptions
  3. Now your mobile credit will remain unchanged.

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Terms and Conditions

There are several terms and conditions which you have to observe when you follow any method mentioned above:

  • This balance-saving offer is only for prepared customers.
  • This is free of charge and you can safeguard your balance without additional cost.
  • These codes and taxes can change at any time by the operator.
  • These services will renew automatically every month.
  • The user must make sure that their SIM card is biometric verified.
  • The Balance Save Code Jazz will automatically renew every month, while the Doosra Balance Service charges a fee.

How does balance Save Code Jazz Work?

A user will lose his balance if he uses the internet without any package. We all know that MB rates are very high and using the internet without any package will be costly. When you subscribe to Jazz Save Balance Service, your mobile credit will be locked and it will not be used if your internet bundle expires. Resultantly, your mobile will not use any additional MBs and thus it will save your balance from wastage.


In conclusion, Jazz Balance Save Code 2024 works as a safeguard that prevent SIM balance from unexpected deductions. This code (*275#) will work without balance, and there is no hidden charges of using this service. In this Article, 3 different methods are used to save jazz balance. You can use any one method to make sure your balance is safe and unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Balance Save Code Jazz?

The Balance Saving Code of Jazz is *275#.

How to subscribe to Jazz Secret Balance?

Dial *869# to activate Jazz Secret Balance service.

How can I unsubscribe to Jazz Balance Saver?

You can unsubscribe to Jazz Balance Saver by dialing *275*4#.

How can I unsubscribe to Jazz Doosra Balance?

You can easily unsubscribe to Jazz Doosra Balance by dialing *869*3#.

Is there a fee for transferring the balance using the Doosra Balance Service (*869*3#)?

Yes, service charges of Rs. 3.69 + tax will be deducted for transferring the balance to the main account

Is the Jazz Balance Saver available to both Jazz and Warid customers?

Yes, Jazz Balance Saver is available to both Jazz and Warid customers.

What is Jazz Secret Balance?

Jazz Secret Balance also known as Jazz Doosra Balance. It is used to secure you mobile balance from unwanted deductions.

How to stop Jazz Balance deduction?

Simple subscribe to jazz balance saver by dialing *275# to stop balance deduction.


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