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Rank Any Keyword Under 10 Minutes

Here I will share with you techniques to Rank Any Keyword Under 10 Minutes. Even if you have a new website, it may take some time to rank on top of search results. However, there are certain keywords that have no competition within the top five results. Let me show you on the screen how you can find such keywords.

Using Keyword Explorer

To begin, open your AHREFS Explorer and navigate to the Keyword Explorer. Apply filters if needed and extract a list of keywords. I must mention that although AHREF’s service costs $100, I personally prefer using the $20 Solar plan which is sufficient for my needs. Once you are in the Keyword Explorer, type in your desired keyword and select your country. I usually select the United States for English-related keywords.

After that, you will see a dashboard with matching terms. If you look carefully, there is a list of keywords categorized by topics and clusters. Content clustering is a useful feature for those who struggle with organizing their content. By creating clusters based on topics and terms, AHREFS provides you with organized clusters that you can utilize. You can also request a specific category cluster by simply asking for it.

Rank Any Keyword Under 10 Minutes

Utilizing Screen Shots on Mac

Another helpful feature is the ability to take screen shots on Mac. By using screen shots related to your keyword, you can create a list of keywords that are relevant to the topic. For example, if I search for “How to clean battery acid” on Amazon, it generates a list of related keywords. This way, you can access all the related keywords in just one click.

Understanding Keyword Volume and Competition

Now, let’s discuss the important aspect of keyword volume and competition. If you click on the “How to” link from Mac-related searches, you will find that the total volume of search is around 1 million. There are 971 different intents that you can target. This means that you can focus on optimizing your website for specific intents and generate traffic. Additionally, you can also click on the “Screen Shot on Mac” link to find a list of keywords related to total volume search. In this case, there are approximately 26 million keywords. Although the list is quite long, the most significant feature is the Lowest DR (Domain Rating) column. You can specify “10” for the lowest DR and choose the Top 5 results. This means that if any site with a DR of 10 or less appears within the top five results, AHREFS will provide you with those keywords. This is an effective way to find keywords that have low competition and can be ranked easily.

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Relevance and Topical Authority

Relevance plays a crucial role in ranking your website. If you have a website that is not brand new but has some history, you can still rank it. You need to focus on the relevance of your content. Analyze the top five pages by performing an analysis of their ranking pages. Check if they are relevant to your main keyword. If the competition keyword is present within the top pages, you can create a page and rank it. However, keep in mind that building topical authority is essential.

Also Read: Rank Any Keyword Under 10 Minutes

Provide Value to Users

Your first priority should be to work for the user. Provide value to them so that the algorithm recognizes your website as a valuable source. For more advanced learning on this topic, you can consult the OneAR consultancy or join the Blogging Mastery Batch, which is enrolling until February 20. This batch offers a 6-month journey to take your website from zero to hero. You will create your own site along with other students and gain trust from me. The journey will be incredible and will transform your life. This is a powerful business that has a high demand worldwide. You can work from anywhere and change your life. For more information, you can check the description below.

I hope you found this information useful. Stay tuned for the next blog. Until then, Allah Hafiz!


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