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38 Million Beggars Reported in Pakistan

In a country with a population of over 240 million, there are 38 million beggars, comprising 12% men, 55% women, 27% children, and the remaining 6% are disabled individuals. Fifty percent of these beggars are in Karachi, 16% in Lahore, 7% in Islamabad, and the rest scattered in other cities.

In Karachi, the average daily alms amount to Rs. 2,000, in Lahore Rs. 1,400, and in Islamabad Rs. 950. The average per beggar in the entire country is Rs. 850 per day.

According to Hotline News Islamabad, these beggars collectively extract a staggering Rs. 32 billion daily from the pockets of the people. Annually, this amount sums up to Rs. 1.17 trillion, which equates to approximately $42 billion. Supporting these beggars without any productive output drains $42 billion annually from our economy.

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As a result of this charity, we bear a 21% inflation annually, and the significant individual power of 380 million people contributes nothing to the country’s progress.

However, engaging them in work or even menial jobs could generate an expected income of $38 billion annually, which could not only stabilize our economy within a few years but also provide dignified employment for the current beggars.

If the public chooses to live with this inflation and feed these beggars to ensure their children’s bread, undoubtedly, they will endure disgrace in the coming years.

But if you aspire for financial stability in a few years and want a peaceful life for your children, bid farewell to all beggars today. You will not regret your decision in five years and will feel joy seeing your children thrive.

On the day Bangladesh bid farewell to the beggar system, they had reserves of $52 billion just four years later. Can’t we follow suit with good intentions and genuine work?

Now the decision for your children lies in your hands.

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From Naveed Bhatti Group
Shaukat Ali
Hotline News Islamabad


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