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Use Windows+Shift+S to take a Screenshot (Not Working Solved)

A screenshot is a photo of what is on your computer screen. If you want to screenshot some part of your screen, press Windows+Shift+S from your keyboard, select the area and save it in any location on your PC. Sometimes Windows Shift S does not work as expected, so in this Article, we will fix it and then you can easily take a screenshot in Windows 10 and 11.

How to take a Screenshot with Windows+Shift+S in WIN 10/11

Microsoft has added a built-in Snipping Tool in Windows 10/11 to capture a screenshot. You can press the Windows logo key + Shift + S to open the Snipping toolbar. You can take a screenshot of the full screen or a specific part of it. This screenshot can be copied to the clipboard. Further, you can copy-paste this screenshot into editing software like Photoshop or save it on your PC in any format. Here is how to use Windows+Shift+S to capture a screenshot in Win 10 or 11.

  1. Press WIN+Shift+S

    On your computer screen, press Windows, Shift & S keys together. The desktop will darken while you select the area for your screenshot. snipping toolbar is open after pressing Win+Shift+S

  2. Select Snipping Mode

    The snipping tool will show you 4 different options: Rectangular, Freeform, Windows, and Full Screen.

    Rectangular Snip: It is selected by default and is used to take a screenshot in Rectangle.
    Freeform Snip:
    You can take screenshots of any area in any shape by dragging a mouse.
    Windows Snip:
    It will capture a part of the screen, such as file explorer.
    Full-Screen Snip:
    This feature will allow you to capture the full computer screen.

  3. Press & Release Mouse

    Now click from your mouse and select your desired area, then release the mouse to capture the screen. It will automatically copied on the clipboard. You can easily paste it into Photoshop, MS Paint, etc.

Windows + Shift + S Screenshot Save Location

If you take a screenshot but forget to save it! Don’t worry you can find the captured image in a Temporary folder of Windows. Simply press WIN+R and type “%temp%” then hit Enter. Now find your image by searching as date created.

Directory Path: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp

In some cases if you cannot find this then open your Notification bar from the Right Side of Windows and it will show you the previous notification of the Snip & Sketch tool. Click on this notification for more editing options.

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Windows Shift S Not Working in Windows 10/11

Sometimes Snip & Sketch tool did not open after pressing Windows_Shift_S. Don’t worry because sometimes the Snipping tool crashes due to technical fault in Windows. To fix that just update your app from Microsoft Store and Reboot your PC. All apps will restart and they will work fine.

If “Windows is not Activated Slogen” is showing in the Right bottom then Activate your Windows with a valid Product Key or Activator. If you are facing any issues then leave a comment, and I will give you a solution ASAP.


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